BrainRaise: Therapy and training after stroke and other brain injuries

A stroke or brain injury can hit us unexpectedly and change our lives within seconds. In such challenging moments, when doubts arise, we at BrainRaise stand firmly by your side. We listen to your fears, your wishes and your goals. With the highest level of professional expertise and customized intensive therapy and training concepts, we work to regain control over your body. Through goal-oriented mentoring, we give you back your confidence and self-efficacy.


For Patients

BrainRaise Neurorehabilitation develops individual therapy concepts for each client. In the comfort of their own home, we achieve the best results.

For Therapists

Further education and professional exchange form the basis for optimal therapy concepts. Discover our continuing education offerings and network events now.

The neurological rehabilitation therapy is a very serious matter. After a long search, BrainRaise is the place where I achieve both small and large successes physically and mentally…

Dimitri writes

I have been attending BrainRaise Neurorehabilitation regularly (twice a week) for around three years. From time to time I do additional therapy blocks…

Reto writes

For the past 7 years, I have been supported by Anne-Gro Salmen. Since I was unable to leave the house on my own shortly after my stroke, the therapy was conducted at my home…

Franziska writes

BrainRaise Neurorehabilitation

An individualized and specialized therapy concept is the foundation for long-term successful rehabilitation. As therapists, we accompany clients with tailored concepts in the practice, at home, or at a self-selected treatment location. We work together as a team for several hours each day to achieve therapy goals.

We look forward to your contact request. The collaboration starts with an informative and non-binding initial conversation. You can reach us via email at or by phone at +41 (0) 76 610 51 95. We also work with clients from other countries such as Germany and Austria.


After a stroke or brain injury, life as you know it can take an abrupt and challenging turn. As a highly motivated and success-oriented individual, you may be confronted with the loss of certain abilities. At BrainRaise Neurorehabilitation, we understand your specific requirements and develop a tailored therapy plan designed specifically to meet your individual needs, supporting you on your path to recovery.

Our concept is based on the principles of neuroplasticity. Specific exercises and training sessions promote the healing process in your brain. We combine the key principles of neuronal plasticity to reconstruct and reorganize your neural networks. This method enables the restoration and stabilization of lost abilities.

The rehabilitation process is demanding and requires both physical and mental strength. We accompany you in regaining control on your path to recovery. Together with you, we define precise therapy goals and create an exclusive training program tailored exactly to your objective. You decide the focus – whether it’s the restoration of everyday skills, preparation for a personal or business trip, improvement in mobility, or regaining hand functions – we do everything in our power to help you regain your independence and quality of life. Our goal is to provide an effective rehabilitation solution.

Digitale Darstellung eines menschlichen Kopfprofils mit Gehirn, umgeben von neuronalen Netzwerken und biochemischen Strukturen, im Zusammenhang mit fortschrittlichen Schlaganfallbehandlungsmethoden.
Porträit von Anne-Gro Salmen

About Anne-Gro Salmen

As an experienced physiotherapist specializing in neurorehabilitation, Anne-Gro Salmen does not compromise on treatment quality and therapy success. She is a Forced Use Specialist and an instructor in Forced Use Therapy according to Utley/Woll. As a therapist and trainer, she supports her clients in achieving their goals. The individual concepts of her company, BrainRaise Neurorehabilitation, are anything but conventional. The needs and goals of the clients are at the forefront.

Contact us

For an informative and non-binding discussion, please contact us by phone +41 (0) 76 610 51 95 or email

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