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BrainRaise Neurorehabilitation supports clients with brain injuries with an individual therapy and training program. Our motto “we don’t treat patients, we train people with higher goals”

Our Approach – Scientific and Powerful

Forced use therapy according to Utley/Woll
An intensive therapy and training program in block format. Forced Use Therapy according to Utley/Woll is a combination of the most successful evidence-based therapy methods. Your personal goals dictate the therapy and training plan.

Therapy overview:
Our intensive program lasts 10-20 days and is designed to achieve maximum progress through individual and goal-oriented training. You will be continuously accompanied by the same experienced therapist.

Flexible design: The therapy consists of 2-4 five-day blocks, with a two-day break in between, although alternative schedules are also possible.

Scientifically founded:
Our approach is based on a combination of the successful evidence-based therapeutic approaches of neurorehabilitation and training science. Intensive training for rapid success:
Comparatively quick successes are achieved through high-intensity and repetitive training. With the subsequent training plan, the successes can increase further and remain permanent.

Innovation through integration:
As an outpatient therapy, our program enables the immediate application of the skills learned in everyday life, which supports and accelerates the success of the therapy.

Intensive therapy in your own home:
We achieve optimum therapy results in a familiar environment. The training sessions can take place in your home in familiar surroundings. This allows you to maximize your progress by training exactly where you need your skills in everyday life. Learn and automate in the right context! Whether in Switzerland or abroad – our individual therapy and scope is tailored to your specific needs.

Ältere Frau im Gespräch über Bewegungstherapie mit einem Physiotherapeuten, der an einem Laptop arbeitet und was erklärt
Physiotherapeut führt eine Beindehnungsübung mit einem älteren Patienten durch, Demonstration von Techniken aus einer Weiterbildung für Physiotherapeuten.

Courses and further education

After knowledge comes practice, and from that arises ability. Therefore, with us, you learn how to combine current knowledge with perfect handling, which will improve your treatment results in everyday work even further.

Courses and webinars for occupational and physical therapists

“In the area of advanced training and continuing education, we collaborate with the IFUSA (International Forced Use Specialist Association). Together, we offer various courses, workshops, webinars on the Forced Use Therapy concept according to Utley/Woll. In addition, we facilitate a reciprocal exchange between neurotherapists (occupational and physical therapists in neurorehabilitation). Our courses and continuing education offerings are practice-oriented and help to deepen and expand professional knowledge. With this additional knowledge, you can provide your clients with the best possible treatment.”

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